The Company’s strategy comprises the development of novel, differentiated drugs for neurological disorders in the central nervous system, where there is a significant unmet medical need. A key strategic priority is to take drug candidates with well-defined mechanisms of action through clinical development with high efficiency, followed by commercialisation together with partners or by the Company.

Umecrine Cognition develops product candidates for indications with significant unmet medical needs, or indications with few or no approved pharmacological treatments. By focusing on areas with unmet medical needs, the Company is striving to develop products with the potential to transform current medical practice, and that are considered attractive to patients, doctors and regulatory agencies. Some of the indications the Company is targeting have significant patient populations. This, combined with the limitations of current treatments, is creating potential for attractive commercial opportunities.

The Company’s drug candidate, golexanolone, has a unique product profile that addresses important clinical needs and is also the only drug of its class under development for both Primary Biliary Cholangitis (PBC) and Hepatic Encephalopathy (HE). To the best of the Company’s knowledge, golexanolone is the only drug under development with the primary goal of treating fatigue and cognitive deficits in patients with PBC and for HE, golexanolone has the potential to both improve cognitive function and reduce the risk of a new HE episode. Effective novel treatments within these indications are likely to make a major contribution for the treatment of these disorders.

Umecrine Cognition develops drugs under its own auspices and also intends to seek commercial collaborations with pharmaceutical companies that can provide marketing and commercial resources in the future.